Welcome to my web pages.  Life’s major milestones need ceremonies that fit their significance in your life. I look forward to meeting you and talking to you about what you are planning, whatever that may be.

All the ceremonies that I lead are designed to help you express whatever it is that you are wanting. Your wishes and concerns are my priority, and I hope that you will be in touch so that we can discuss your requirements further.


For couples who want to do their wedding, their way, then a legal ceremony followed by a private wedding ceremony is ideal. I work with couples to shape the perfect way for them to express their love and commitment with friends and family.

Drawing on ceremonies from all around the world, and based on the unique story of each couple, we work together to create a ceremony that will live forever in your hearts and memories.

Naming Ceremonies

The arrival of a child is one of life’s great joys. It is my pleasure to work with you to craft a ceremony that marks this in a way that captures the joy and delight of family and friends at this new addition to their lives.

Every ceremony is different, because every family is different; my work embraces ceremonies for non-traditional families, same-sex couples welcoming children, ceremonies following adoption, or the joining of two existing families. Whatever your circumstances, let’s talk.


I offer civil funerals – that is to say, a funeral that is shaped by the wishes and beliefs of the deceased and their next of kin. As well as the funeral ceremony, wherever that takes place, I offer ceremonies for scattering of ashes. All ceremonies can be non-religious, or can include some religious or spiritual content, as you require. You have complete control over what is said at the funeral. My focus is on honouring the deceased in a way that is appropriate and which can therefore bring comfort to those left behind.