When someone you love dies, only you know how you are going to feel. And only you know how you want to say your goodbye to that person. I have over thirty-five years of helping people say goodbye after a death and have led over two thousand funerals. I will gently and professionally help you craft a farewell in a way that honours your loved one and supports you in your grieving.

Whether it is a funeral ceremony at a crematorium or cemetery, or something bespoke at another venue, I will work with you to help find the words, music, and actions you want to use to express yourself at this most difficult time. As a fully trained civil celebrant holding a Diploma in Funeral Celebrancy, and as an associate member of the Institute of Civil Funerals, I understand that everyone’s grief is personal to them, and that your needs and your response are particular to you. I offer a bespoke service to help you find your way through the days leading up to the funeral of your loved one.


A Funeral Ceremony that reflects your needs

What form a funeral takes is a delicate balance between honouring what people either know or believe their loved one would have wanted, and what will help and support those left behind. Some people are clear that, for themselves, they want a funeral ceremony with no religious content, and have communicated that to their next of kin. Others have made explicit their desire to have a religious service.

Many people, however, have not made their own wishes very clearly known. It is left to their nearest and dearest to try and interpret what would have been right for them. I will support you in deciding these questions, and am equally happy to deliver a funeral ceremony with no religious content or one with some religious or spiritual content, according to your wishes and needs.


A Funeral Ceremony to remember

Every client will be offered a full presentation script of the funeral ceremony as a keepsake of this important occasion.


Memorial Ceremonies

Under certain circumstances a memorial ceremony may be the appropriate alternative to a funeral, or could be held in addition to that ceremony. I can help you through the questions and considerations that face you as you decide whether to hold such a ceremony, and what form it should take.


Child and Baby Funerals

Losing a baby or a child is one of the most difficult and painful losses imaginable. I am very experienced in supporting parents through the early stages of this kind of loss, and in helping them shape a farewell to their baby or child. I can offer funeral ceremonies for parents who have lost a baby through miscarriage or stillbirth, as well as those whose children have died after birth or in early years. There are no fees for these funerals.