Weddings and Civil Partnerships

The day of your wedding or civil partnership is something that you want to remember for the rest of your life. It needs to be extra special; involving the right people, with the right feel, and in the right place. It also needs the right person to lead you through the event.


Where can you get married?

As far as venue goes, these days you are not restricted to a church or chapel or register office.  There are many other very lovely registered premises where a registrar can come and lead a ceremony. But that is not all.


Your wedding, your civil partnership, your way

Those registered premises can be very expensive. You may want your ceremony to be closer to nature, or in a venue that means something special to you, or to hold it at an unusual time of day or night.  The way this can happen is by fulfilling the legal requirements very simply in a register office, and by then crafting a wedding or civil partnership ceremony with the help of a wedding celebrant at a venue and time of your choosing.

To satisfy the law for marriage you don’t have to say any vows at all. You only have to declare that you are free to marry and then declare that you are marrying your fiancé/e. Making a civil partnership is even simpler. It only requires you to sign the register – no words are required at all. The whole thing can be done in minutes with two witnesses and a registrar. All the vows and special words that you want to say to each other in front of your family and friends can be carried over into the wedding or civil partnership ceremony that your celebrant will craft for you.


Your celebrant

I work with you as your celebrant, getting to know you and your story. Your choices control your day and your ceremony. I work with you as we design the whole event with the words, music and actions that you choose to make your day special.  I am delighted to work with couples of all kinds, and takes a particular pleasure in being able to help same-sex couples celebrate their weddings or civil partnerships.

As a civil celebrant I offer you a ceremony that reflects entirely and exclusively your choices, and I am pleased to work with you to write and deliver just that. I can offer entirely secular weddings or civil partnerships, or can include some spiritual or religious content if that is what you would like.


Renewal of Vows

If you were married some years ago, or are coming up to a significant milestone, and want to renew your love and commitment through a Renewal of Vows ceremony I will work with you to create something unique for your special occasion.